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Over Braided Flexible Conduit & Fittings For Industry Automation Cable Management                  

Connectors and fittings for braided flexible conduitIn industry automation environment, SEMI Over Braided Flexible Conduit & Fittings provide
very reliable performance; protection for abrasion and
hot metal splash; flexibility; first-class mechanical strength and provide antistatic properties & EMC shielding for critical data & power cables. SEMI has been delivering solutions for this market for many years and can bring a complete range of over braided flexible conduits and conduit fittings to ensure you have the right systems for the job.


Whole Range Of Braided Conduits Provide Essential EMC Protection

Heavy Series Metal Fittings for braided flexible conduitHeavy Series Metal Fittings, Heavy Series Electrical Flexible Conduit for industry control cables
Typical Applications:

* Robotics
* Welding lines
* Conveyor Systems
* Spray Painting and Coating Equipment
* Antistatic and Clean Room Applications
* Measuring and Testing Automation
* PLC control cabinet wirings

SEMI Over Braided Flexible Conduit & Fittings deliver reliable protections for industry automation cables.

Over Braided Flexible Conduit & Fittings For Industry Automation Cable Management
YF-705YF-705 *Galvanized steel strip core (with Nylon cord packing) *PVC Covering *Wire over-braid *Trade size: 3/8"~4" *Liquid-tight *EMI/RFI shielding

  Galvanised Steel Conduit, Smooth PVC Covering, Steel Overbraid (IP 67)

YF-705Galvanised Steel Conduit, Smooth PVC Covering, Liquid Tight, Metal Overbraid. It is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits in demanding industry applications.
SM-701SM-701 *Galvanized steel strip core (Interlocked constructions) *PVC covering *Metal wire over-braid *Trade size: 3/8"~4"  *Liquid-tight *EMI/RFI shielding
High tensile strength

  Galvanized Steel Conduit, Smooth PVC Covering, Steel Overbraid, High Strength


For high tensile strength applications.
YF-704YF-704 *Galvanized steel strip core   *PVC covering *Wire over-braid *1/4"~4" trade size *Very Flexible *Water-tight *EMI/RFI shielding

  Galvanized Steel Conduit with PVC Covering, Steel overbraid (IP 54)

Strip-wound flexible metallic conduit hooked profile,PVC sheathing,galvanized steel wire braiding
BRAIDED Flexible metallic conduit, water proof, is typically used for steel mill machineries and petrochemical industries cable protection.
PBFPBF *Corrugated Nylon core  *Wire over-braid *1/4"~2" trade size
*Very Flexible, Light Weight
*Liquid-tight *EMI/RFI shielding
Corrugated Nylon Conduit, Steel Overbraid  (IP 67)
Stainless Steel overbraid nylon conduit for Harsh Environments, Offshore/PetrochemicalBraided corrugated nylon wiring conduits for all types of machinery. Light weight, especially suitable for Robot cables protections.
WNS/ORCWNS *Wire over-braid
*6mm - 25mm trade size
*Liquid-tight *Oil resistant
*EMI/RFI shielding
*Model ORC features an inner hose of high quality NBR rubber
Oil Resistant Conduit, Steel Overbraid  (IP 67)
WNSOil Resistant Flexible Conduit is especially suitable for wiring machine
tools, and hydraulic presses,
which are subjected to moisture from coolant, oils and fluids.
Braided Flexible Metal Conduit
*Galvanized steel strip core    *Wire over-braid *3/8"~6" trade size *All metallic for high temperature applications *EMI/RFI shielding *High Temp.  Galvanized Steel Conduit, Steel overbraid (IP 40)
Strip-wound flexible metallic conduit,hooked profile,steel wire braiding
Overbraided Flexible Steel Conduit
with Steel Braid, resists hot metal splashes. It is resistant against tensile stresses and transverse pressure.
braided small ID tubing
*Metal wire over braided small bore tubing
*3.5mm - 12.7mm ID.
*All metallic for high temperature applications
*EMI/RFI shielding
Stainless Steel Conduit, Steel Overbraid (IP 40)

with metal wire braidingHigh tensile strength metal wires are tightly braided onto the AT-SL small bore flexible square locked metal tubing for optimum protection. It provides increased abrasion resistant, improved EMI screening, and resists hot metal splashes. Most suitable for industry and automobile wiring harness.

Braided flexible conduit assembly
Overbraided systems --- with connectors pre-assembled --- save time and labor costs.
Electric Flexible Conduit systems for EMI shielding, abrasion and hot metal splashes resistance. Comprises a standard conduit construction, with metallicConnectors and fittings for braided flexible conduit overbraid.
Typically used for machineries, steel mills and petrochemical industrial cable protection
    Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits For Industry Wirings  FLEXIBLE EMC SCREENING CONDUITS

Braided Flexible Conduit Systems For Security Wiring ApplicationsGalvanised Steel Conduit with PVC Covering, Stainless Steel overbraid
Braided Flexible Conduit Systems For Security Wiring Applications

Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industry CONNECTORS & FITTINGS FOR
Suitable connectors
Aluminum connectors (FIXED or SWIVEL) Aluminum connectors (BLACK) Aluminum connectors (RED) Straight (US style) 90 degrees (US style) straight (metallic) 90 degrees (metallic) 45 degrees (metallic) swage fittings Stainless steel combination (internal thread) combination (set-screw)

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