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  Delikon Product Families   ---  Typical Applications    Products Selection By IP Ratings  By Model Flexible Metal Conduits available in different materials, coverings, and a wide range of sizes
  Delikon electrical flexible conduits and racing hose are used across a diversity of markets and industries. Typical markets where Delikon have been providing cable management solutions to are:


Braided flexible steel conduits for protection of wirings in automobile welding lines.

Featuring: flexible metal conduit
flexible metal conduit
Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits
flexible metal conduit

A galvanised flexible steel conduit with stainless steel overbraid, making them particularly suitable for petro-chemical and heavy industrial wiring applications.
flexible braided conduit
This system affords high compression and crush strength as well as impact resistance.
*Resists high temperature and hot metal splashes
*Abrasion resistant and EMI
Whole Range Of Braided Conduits Provide Essential EMC Protection shielding

(1) Commercial & Contracting, Buildings, Electric Power Plants

Typical Applications Product Recommendation
Office Buildings
Electric Power Plants

      Commercial building wirings
Retail Developments
Leisure Complexes
Sports Stadiums

Construction electrical projectsThe variety of construction buildings and project requirements within the commercial market is indeed immense. But whatever the electrical wiring challenge you can be sure that Delikon have a solution to meet those specific requirements.

YF-706Liquid tight YF-707YF-707 LSHF-707
Zero Halogen Water Proof Flexible Metal Conduit
YF-708YF-708 (Square locked metal hose with packing) YF-703YF-703 PBPB YF-604Computer Blue

(2) Machine Tools, Industrial Machineries, Substation Transformers

Typical Applications Product Recommendation

Machine tools wirings

CNC Machines
Wood Working Machines
Metal Working Machines
Welding Machines
flexible conduit
Flexible conduit assemblies
Cut to length assembly

Aluminum liquidtight connectors
Aluminum Connector

 EMI/RFI Shielding Conduits

This market is driven by the needs to meet the best in lean manufacturing. To achieve this every piece of equipment in this sector is pushed for greater efficiency by working more intensely and faster. As a result any conduit installed in these applications will need to provide excellent mechanical strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance in order to supply the best possible solution to provide protection along the entire length of all the moving parts.
Liquid-tight Flexible Metal Conduit  In this hardworking environment of both dynamic 

   and static applications it is essential that any cable management products continue to deliver performance in areas where resistance to oils and chemicals is paramount. Any down time in manufacturing can be very costly so products that can offer high ingress protection are fundamental and Delikon can offer a wide range of solutions to meet all of these needs.

Whole range of flexible conduits,hoses for your machineries.
YF-706Liquid tight YF-707YF-707 YF-703YF-703 YF-705YF-705 YF-704YF-704 PBFPBF SM70001
Braided flexible steel conduit
WNSWNS Assembly
Braided flexible conduit assembly
SM-701SM-701 YF-604Computer Blue PBPB AT-SL-BRAIDED
braided small ID tubing
ATStainless steel

(3) Rail, Sub Way, Public Transportation Systems

Typical Applications Product Recommendation
Outside the Train/Carriage
Inside the Train/Carriage - Low fire hazard systems,
Exposed Locations - High impact resistance
EMC Protection for safety critical systems
Infrastructure projects - Stations, tunnels, trackside Public Transportation Systems

For rail way wiringsWe work with some of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of public transportation systems throughout the world.

YF-706Liquid tight YF-707YF-707 LSHF-707
Zero Halogen Water Proof Flexible Metal Conduit
YF-708YF-708 (Square locked metal hose with packing) YF-703YF-703 YF-704YF-704 SM70001
Braided flexible steel conduit

(4) Marine, Off Shore, Mining/Quarrying, Petrochemical Industrial, Ship Building

Ship Buildings
Electrical flexible conduit systems for ships
The following flexible conduits provide liquid tight, abrasion resistant or EMI screening sheaths for your ships electrical and signal wirings. Reliable operations of your equipments are ensured.

  Mining & Metal  

Typical Applications Product Recommendation
Ship/boat Engine Rooms
Ship and Dock Yards
Leisure Boats & Cruisers
Marina Developments
Ocean Going Craft
Off Shore Oil Rigs
Petrochemical Industries
Mining and Quarrying
For petrochemical industry wirings

Reliability is vital considerations within one of the harshest operational environments to be found. Products specified and installed within these sector have to face the particular damaging effects from the wind, wave and salt spray conditions in vastly exposed areas. Whilst this demands for the most robust of products it also calls for solutions where vibration and temperature extremes add to the challenge.

YF-706Liquid tight YF-705YF-705 YF-704YF-704 SM70001
Braided flexible steel conduit
SM-701SM-701 Assembly
Braided flexible conduit assembly
ATStainless steel
Flexible braided conduits are also used to protect sensitive electronic circuits such as communications, radar, and data transmission from outside interference or "noise". These conduits are also used when the reverse situation is also an issue.
EMI/RFI Shielding Flexible Conduits, Industry Wiring Braided Conduits

(5) Automation, Security/CCTV, Telecommunication, Instrument Panels, Sensors

Typical Applications Product Recommendation
Security, CCTV Systems
Instrument Panels, SensorsInspection equipment wirings

The ability to work at high speed for long periods is a prerequisite with total reliability in hostile or no maintenance applications essential. Any conduit systems installed in this environment can be called on one or all of the following properties: high fatigue life performance; protection for abrasion; be highly flexible; first-class pullout strength and include antistatic properties.

YF-707YF-707 YF-704YF-704 YF-703YF-703 ATStainless steel SM70001
Braided flexible steel conduit
braided small ID tubing

(5) Fluid & Air Lines For automobiles, high performance racing cars

Stainless Steel Braided Racing HoseRacing Engine High Performance HoseBraided PTFE Hose,Superior fluid compatibility
Stainless steel braided hose for superior performance.                                 Marine Race Engine Hose

Delikon Racing hose is compatible with petroleum and synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels and liquid engine coolants. It operates at higher temperature for longer periods. Light and flexible, racing hose is easy to work with, and its stainless steel cover will ensure long-lasting durability

Stainless Steel wire Braided Racing Hose
         High Performance hose for motor sport racing cars is the best choice for your race car oil,fuel, and coolant supply lines.               Hose Size: -4 , -6 , -8 , -10 , -12, -16, -20 AN

Stainless Steel wire Braided Racing Hose

DELIKON Racing Hose offers unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for your tough performance applications. Full vacuum rating for sizes -10, -12 and -16. Applications include fuel, lube, coolant and air.High Performance Racing Hose
High Performance hose for motor sport racing cars


Operating an ongoing product development programme, Delikon is constantly adding new products to its already extensive portfolio.


(6) Heavy Industry, Factory Automation

Metal overbraided flexible steel conduits for automation applications
Where continuous movement, vibration, high speed and continuous cycling automated systems are concerned, braided flexible conduit has been specifically designed to deal with all the stresses relating to such applications. It has ability to work at high speed for long period offering total reliability for cable protections.
The braided conduit system is available in a full range of nominal conduit sizes from 1/4 through to 4 inches. The system affords excellent mechanical characteristics, high speed capability, high pull-off strength, protection from abrasion and high fatigue life. This makes it suitable for applications such as robotics, inspection, measurement and test, automated paint and spraying plant, conveyor systems, as well as pick and place.
Electrical Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industry wirings YF-705 (IP67)YF-705

YF-704 (IP54)YF-704

flexible braided conduit flexible braided conduit flexible braided conduit liquidtight conduit liquidtight conduit
Electrical Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industry wirings

To provide superior protection and immunity from electromagnetic interference, as well as increased mechanical abrasion resistance, Delikon has introduced the above complete line of Overbraided Flexible Metal Conduits systems that could meet your heavy industry wiring requirements.         EMC SCREENING


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